Tips for Losing Weight

For those who want to have a slim figure there are many miracle diets.

And each of them says the same thing: less fat less general in all In theory, we are all strong, often do know that you can eat and what is not necessary, but in practice things are quite different. And sooner or later, yet there comes restrictions, get up before a choice: give up on the diet and go on about their appetite or suffer further for the sake of their beauty.
Those who are consistent and steadfast, come out winners and become experts in the field of weight loss, and share helpful tips how to lose weight, techniques, Techniques in the fight against temptations which are subjected to sitting at a table laden with a variety of goodies. For table usually sit down to eat delicious.Tips losing weight

We offer you the advice of experts and dietitians for weight loss

I. It is necessary to change habits

1. Accept the decision for yourself – eat just sitting. We eat much more if a snack on the go, standing on the street, in a hurry.
2. Put a plate on always a little less than usual, and adhere to strict rules: content with what is already on the plate, and never can report, even if it is a favorite dish.
3. In the grocery store go only on a full stomach, because a hungry man buys far more than it needs, and well-fed is much easier to resist the temptation to buy something tasty.
4. Going for products in advance and draw up a list of no more than this do not buy.
5. On a walk it is best to go out after breakfast, lunch or dinner, becausecalories burned in this case more than fasting.
6. Pre-prepare yourself for a second breakfast or lunch: low-fat milk, a small cheese sandwich, a piece of chicken with lettuce leaf, a handful of prunes. It is very important to have something prepared in advance, so as not to be tempted to eat horrible.
7. During the meal, do not read books and newspapers and do not watch TV. Eat with taste, concentrating on the food. Following the ups and downs of the movie, or reading an interesting book, you can eat a lot more than it should.
8. Cooking should only once. If, however, to save time necessary to prepare more, then set aside on a plate as long as necessary, and the rest immediately in the refrigerator clean.
9. More than two dishes at a meal, you should not have. Changing the dishes, even if in small quantities, stimulate appetite. Spicy seasonings, adding piquancy, and increase appetite.
10. If possible, share lunch and dinner on two stages. Vegetables, rice, or pasta with meat dish eat at once, and a piece of cheese or fruit after two hours.
11. Eat each piece as if eating a delicacy, biting off small pieces and savoring, delaying a little longer in the mouth. So you shall be filled by eating much less.
12. The number of calories should be harmonized with the rhythm of your day. In the morning, before work, you can give yourself an indulgence and a little more to eat, at lunch a few limit yourself and dinner should be very easy, especially if it comes at a time just before bedtime.
13. If it so happened that the day before you have eaten too much, then the next day, try to limit yourself, you can afford a vegetable soup without salt, herbal drink instead of tea, low-fat cottage cheese or milk, and that’s all!

II. deceptions hunger
14. If you are used to gnaw nuts or cookies, sitting in front of the TV, and grow out of this difficult, try to replace them with green salad.
15. Before you go to visit, where you will find a great temptation, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.
16. Instead of juice is best to eat the whole fruit, because the body needs fruit fiber, from it not fattening.
17. To begin with lunch is best dish of chicken or vegetable broth. This low-calorie soup, filling the stomach, allows to eat much less.
18. If you like sweet, you can afford to 1-2 piece of dark chocolate.
19. If possible, try to keep only the “right” foods in your refrigerator: milk, cottage cheese and yogurt with low fat, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc.
20. The classic garnishes replace beets, carrots, root celery, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.

Reconstruction of the Breast After Weight Loss

Many women begin to consider breast reconstruction to improve their breasts after a major weight loss. With slimming down the breast, change in the same way as other parts of the body, and this fact is evident, especially in the clothing, which corresponds not exactly the way you want. When women are young, their breasts are composed mainly of glandular (company) issues that will be replaced with less adipose tissue with age. This is a normal process, and it is also common in the case of weight loss. This concerns not only women but men as well.

Brest weight loss
When the process of weight loss is not a gradual and goes quickly, the skin is elastic not. Therefore breast influences such changes. In this context, breast reconstruction is often required after weight loss. During this procedure, additional skin is removed in order to avoid sagging. This technique aims to improve breast tissue and nipples to a more attractive, younger and better looking. It can also help bust toned feel good, comparable to the weight of pre-loss condition. Breast reconstruction surgery is performed taking into account the client’s wishes and goals. It defines the individual nature of the operation: the sum of the skin, which is necessary for removal and removal type determined individually. In most cases, patients require the removal of some of the skin around the nipples and breast uplift. In some cases, the minimum intrusion will be enough. This means that the operation will be reduced to a scar around the areola. But it is not usual for the majority of patients, whose problems are associated with weight loss. They suffer from a lot of sagging skin. In most cases, surgery is quite painful. The patient has the ability to work in seven to ten days on average and can go back to their regular activities within three weeks. It is not only the breast skin, which adversely affects the large weight loss. In fact even the breast tissue and the changes of the total bulk and elastic sluggish. In the process of breast reconstruction breast restore its original volume using a breast implant reconstruction .
Breast reconstruction surgery can be done in various ways. This is done through one of the several small cuts along the breast fold, in the armpit or around the areola. There are two common places for implants: under the breast tissue and chest muscles underneath. Many women believe that if the implant is placed under the chest muscle, chest looks much more natural and attractive. Breast reconstruction usually takes one to two hours to complete. In most cases, surgery is done under general anesthesia. You will receive post-operative care at home;there is no need to keep you in the hospital. Oral medications will reduce post-operative pain, and you will be able to return to work within a week or so. Medical experts and the public have never liked the breast reconstruction implants . And in some cases they are right, because there are some risks caused by them. Serves silicone implants Breast reconstruction is usually the thing that makes the main dislike, and the recently launched breast implants have to be filled with a saline solution.
You can find tips on the reconstruction of natural breasts in various forums weight loss . Offers that you can find there, as a rule, natural and safe. One of them will definitely work for you, and you’ll be happy with the improvement of breast shape. There are special themed industry forums, weight loss. There you can find recommendations on the choice of restoring the natural breast. Some of the women tried to natural gels and creams, and to share experiences with others. With the right tools you can protect the chest to return elasticity. They will look full and younger. Such a result can be achieved even without the reconstruction of the breast implants and the risk associated with it. Therefore you will not suffer from side effects.

Pilates Exercies for Beginners

Pilates is one of the most popular forms of fitness.Pilates exercises can be performed by people of different ages and different physical fitness.
Pilates exercises depend on a number of specific body movements that pull, strengthens, and working on different muscle groups of the body. It is well-defined, controlled movements, combined with yoga for concentration of mental focus. Pilates exercises are gentle, progressive and performed slowly with good posture.

PILATES Exercies
Pilates can be performed with equipment or without equipment for this type of exercise. Tension springs, straps for the feet or hands, supports for back, neck and plech- here is a small list of equipment.
Important advantages of Pilates:
Regular use of Pilates is a successful tool for the prevention of recurrent episodic pain. Recent studies in the physiotherapy department at the University of Queensland Richardson showed that by increasing the coordination and strength in the deep abdominal muscles, the lumbar spine is stabilized and protected from damage.
Those who practice Pilates regularly feel an increase in the overall strength and flexibility of the body, improves posture, balance, coordination of movements and increased vital capacity of the lungs and air circulation through deep, healthy breathing
The density of the bones and joints improves and many experience a positive change in the body for the first time.

Basic Principles You Should Keep in Mind When Performing Pilates Exercises

Concentration is essential for the implementation of the exercise. It is important that every part of your body moving in the right position. Also, when you focus your mind away from any pressing problems or worries and relaxes deeply on your body. Constant focus on each movement is not required.
2 Breathing :
The way you breathe is vital in the method of Pilates. The Pilates exercise, you exhale with force. This will help you relax in the movement. If you breathe for the body to get enough oxygen to do the exercise, you need to breathe effectively. In order to keep the lower abdominals close to the spine, breathing should be directed to the side, in the lower chest. Moving on the exhalation will enable greater stability at the main most difficult part of the exercise, and prevents breath holding (Valsalva).

3 “Belt force” :

Belt force

It includes three main directions – back, abdomen and buttocks. The upper part of the back can be a major hotbed of tension, but when you learn how to move (from the middle of the back, and not the shoulder), this tension disappears. Almost every Pilates exercise starts with drawing the navel gently towards the spine. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles, returns a flat stomach, and back protection from undue stress during exercise. The third element in this belt forces are the gluteal muscles. Squeezing the muscles during these exercises, you will not only result in muscle tone, you will also lead the body into perfect alignment, posture improvement and protect the back from injury and damage.
4 Smooth motion :

Pilates is not based on a sudden,Smooth motion sharp movements.Exercises are performed slowly and naturally. The rhythm and tempo is coordinated with the breath of his own, and it warms the muscles and stretches them. Slow execution gives you the time to understand every part of your body and perform all the exercises with precision.

Relaxation 5 : RelaxationIt is an important element of the method at any time, but especially during pregnancy. Relaxation during and after pregnancy – to help reduce and eliminate the most common sources of tension in the body, slows breathing and focusing the mind. Relaxation exercises at the end of training is also important. We often crowded feeling of fatigue. This final exercise will help restore energy levels and, importantly, will the mind in a calm state.

Total Body Workout Rejuvenation (From Head to Toe)

Home » Health » Fitness » Total body workout – body rejuvenation from head to toe
If you are too busy to go to the gym 5-6 times a week, or you feel that your body is trained and you need a refreshing change, total body workout that you need.
First, you’ll wonder what will never be able to work the whole body in a single workout . Eventually most people are so used to perform exercises 4-5 on a certain part of the body, about 12-20 exercises the whole body, they may not represent the correct instruction with smaller number of exercises.
Total body workout focuses on basic and multi-joint movements. These exercises will not only stimulate the elaboration of all muscle groups, but also promotes the development of the necessary hormones and build muscle. In addition, work all major muscle groups in one workout will have a synergistic effect on the response of your body to train. In short, your body needs to respond well to this type of training, especially if it is radically different from what you did before.
These exercises work because they stimulate the growth of muscle. This is something that in the good old times, has always been the center of attention.
Step by step exercise workout from head to toe
Exercise for Breast
The process to develop the core muscles of the chest, with a focus on the outer part of the breast. You will most likely have to use a lighter weight, and you have to care about lowering the hands down, not to touch the shoulders or lose control of the weight.
Lie on the floor or bench. Keep the weight on the chest, palms facing each other.
Keeping elbows slightly bent, lower the arms to the side and down, until they are flush with the feeding.
Lock elbow in position to prevent weight loss.
Push your chest spreading his hands back as if you are hugging a tree.
Repeat from 1 to 3 sets of 8 – 16 repetitions


Get on your knees along the side of the bench, put one knee and one hand on the bench. The other leg, pull back a little to the side. Take a dumbbell from the floor.
Raise the dumbbell up and move to the side until the hand does not come into contact with the ribs or shoulder not only the horizontal line. Return back, arm and shoulder is not a direct one. Repeat and continue with the opposite hand.

Exercise for Curls
Study triceps
Lie down on the bench, take the weight and secure partner for insurance.
Grasp the barbell with an overhand grip, hands should be 2-8 cm apart.
Hands are fixed directly above the chest, right in front of the chin.
While the shoulders remain fixed squeeze the bar until you reach the forehead.
Elbows should continue to be geared up for the entire movement. Exhale during the bench press and inhale when the bar is omitted.

Natural Brain Boosters Actually Work

Natural brain boosters actually work

Push brain supplements are all different kinds, but one of the most popular classes in this family is the Hub natural brain booster. In fact, the best-selling nootropic supplement the alpha brain on the market which use a completely natural formula.

Some of the brains of these natural supplements are compounds such as piracetam, or for Noopept ineffective, many people prefer using the original material supplied by the factory.

There is recognition that natural brain enhancer is safe less likely to cause side effects.

Most of these herbs have been used for thousands of years that the ancient medical traditions to treat anxiety, fatigue, depression and memory loss and is now back up critical scientific analysis.

Such materials have been known for improving the body’s metabolism and resistance to stress as adaptogens. How does it work and what some of the best natural brain booster?


This type of ginseng India Ayurveda dates back thousands of years among medical practitioners. This is used to alleviate a number of conditions, including arthritis, anxiety, asthma, difficult character, fatigue, chronic pain and even liver disease.

Recently, scientists have discovered that it is possible to reduce the dose level of the Cortisol release hormone Ashwagandha extract by the body over a period of high stress.

Cortisol is known to contain the negative effects of weight gain, consistently high level, nerve injury. It was found in one study that prevent administering an Ashwagandha and high stress occurs, reducing the damage to the brain cells of animals.

This supplement also may help maintain nerve cells and nerve cells, you increase the level of growth of brain nerve growth factor.

Hugh spread

Hugh A spread is one of the most powerful natural brain supplement today, you need a few micrograms of the compound to see this for positive results. Hugh peojinneun Huperzia Serra said hub derived from plants native to China.

It is anti-amnesic effects have been detected is used as a therapeutic or preventive action of many current Alzheimer’s disease. A Hugh spread works by preventing the breakdown of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine , which is one of the main chemicals involved in learning and memory function in the brain.

Low levels of acetylcholine is involved in memory loss due to aging, particularly in many cognitive impairment. Hugh daily dose of spread is to help you remember all the improvements and more short-term and long-term synaptic plasticity.

Copa Monnieri

Copa Monnieri

Copa is considered one of the best natural nootropics (brain booster), he has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. It can reduce the aging and cognitive impairment is a powerful natural memory enhancer.

Increases as the Coppa Monnieri visual image processing speed, not all short-term memory and long term memory functional operation of increasing the integration, thereby reducing fatigue, enhance learning retention.

Coppa also shown to reduce depression and anxiety , control blood pressure, epilepsy and asthma relieve, to remove the active oxygen in your cells and protect against oxidative stress.

On top of all this, there was a study to determine that the Coppa have anti-cancer effects.

Honggyeongcheon rosea

Also it is known as golden root, a plant growing in the Arctic and cold climate in the mountainous region of Eurpoe. Honggyeongcheon rosea is a central nervous system stimulant that increases productivity and can give more mental energy.

This is typically taken to increase motivation, improve mental clarity, give you a high level of fitness.

Honggyeongcheon rosea also solve the typical fatigue associated with depression, can protect heard by lowering blood pressure. Ironically, there is a soothing effect on the body that can provide a relaxing effect on the greater capacity.



Vinpocetine technology is semi-natural brain booster because it is isolated from the alkaloid vincamine from the periwinkle plant. The herbal compound provides a means of increasing cerebral blood flow and cerebral vasodilators target.

By providing more oxygen to your brain cells and sugar (glucose), increase your mental energy vinpocetine, alarms, and cognitive function. Vinpocetine supports more better maintenance of brain cells and can help to remove some of the toxins in the undesired user neurons, ensuring that their optimum performance.

There a lot of cognitive enhancement euroyi who used to slow the onset of cognitive impairment and anti-aging supplement with.


Schisandra chinensis is to improve both adaptogens originated in Africa physical and mental performance. This berry will need to be alert and aware of their peak levels historically been used by hunters to survive.

Clinical trials found that increasing the concentration in order to reduce susceptibility to external stresses such as heat and cold. You can also work on the computer for hours and have a positive impact on visual processing, easy to read at the end.

This natural brain booster that there are a number of other health benefits associated

Losing Weight in a Couple of Days

Universal weight loss plan is quite simple! It is necessary to increase the amount of protein foods in a diet – lean on eggs, meat, fish, cheese and dairy products. From bread, sugar and refined carbohydrates should be abandoned. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. But there is another important point …

Losing weight in a couple

For losing weight was easy and did not bring any harm to the body, the body must be fully cleaned of toxins.This should work well gut!
To improve intestinal motility and accelerate weight loss will help the rich in fiber cocktail.Drink it every morning for breakfast, and after a few days you will notice how much better was the feeling! Such drinks for weight loss – treasure, I advise you to remember the recipe …
Cocktail weight loss at home
• 1 tbsp. low-fat yogurt
• 2 tbsp. l. bran (can substitute oatmeal, milled in a blender)
• 1 tbsp. l. flax meal (you can grind in a blender flax seeds)
• 1 h. L. cocoa powder
• 6-7 pcs. prunes
• pinch of cinnamon
• 50 ml of hot water
1. Pour boiling water over prunes and leave to swell for a few minutes.
2. Mix chilled yogurt with bran or oatmeal, flax flour, cinnamon, and cocoa powder.
3. Chop the prunes with the help of the blender into a homogeneous mass. To cocktail was sweeter to prunes, you can add 1 date.
4. Unite dried fruit with yogurt, stir. The cocktail is ready!
It would seem that such a simple recipe! But what a great benefit it brings to the body … With regular consumption of prunes normalizes bowel due to the high content of fiber, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium in each dried fruit.
The amazing discovery: prunes helps reduce appetite and cravings for sweets, in it there are ash and sorbitol, have the ability to remove toxins! If you follow our guidelines and shalt bring the prunes in your daily diet, weight loss will happen naturally.

How to Lose Weight in a Week: Tips for Health

Many women dream of parting with excess weight as soon as possible and wondering – how to lose weight in a week? Wait ultrafast results for such period is not necessary, but at 1-3 kg without harm to health to lose weight is quite real.

Hudey wisely
Trying to dramatically lose weight in a week for 5-10 kilos is not only senseless, but also harmful. Because adipose tissue is broken down slowly. If you try to speed up this process, you can lose muscle mass and overall health.

Loss weight in week
Quickly losing weight, you risk just as quickly dial kilos again.Nutritionists recommend gradually lose weight and not more than 3 kg per week. How many extra kilos you reset, depending on the individual characteristics of your body.
The list of forbidden foods
To lose weight in a week, you need to completely abandon this period of products that prevent weight loss.
So, in the “black list” of fall products that have artificial fats and white flour. Therefore, it is – white bread, pastries, cookies, cakes and fast food.
Also have to give up half-finished products – sausages, sausages, dumplings, etc.
It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt.Sweetening tea can be honey, salt and add quite a bit better and the sea.
It is also necessary to limit in the diet of coffee and alcohol, ketchup and mayonnaise, and besides – cream and cheese.
Products for weight loss for the week
To get rid of the extra kilos, you need to eat 6-7 times a day in small portions. They should be about 200 grams, about as much as fits on the palm. Positive supply such that it accelerates the metabolism, calories and does not settle to the waist and thighs.

Fat on the Abdomen of a Man: Why it is Important to Lose Weight

With the fat on the stomach of a man there is nothing to joke. Find out what causes fat in the abdomen in men, which he carries health risks and what you can do to lose extra weight and remove fat from the abdomen to the man. If you carry a few extra kilos on your stomach, you are not alone. But this is one of those cases where follow the crowd is not a good idea. Constant wearing of the extra weight, especially if it is belly fat in men – can be risky habit.
Why belly fat is to disturb the men?

Imprtant to loss weight
The trouble with the male fat on the abdomen is that it is not limited additional gasket layer located just below the skin (subcutaneous fat). It is also associated with visceral fat – which lies at a depth abdomen surrounding your internal organs.
Regardless of the total weight of the men, a large amount of belly fat increases the risk of:
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Type 2 Diabetes
• colorectal cancer
• sleep Apnea
The reason for belly fat in men – age or genetics?
Your weight is largely determined by how you keep the balance of calories you eat with the energy you burn. If you eat too much, and physical activities you have too little, you’re probably a candidate for a dozen extra kilograms – including the fat in the abdomen in men.
Nevertheless, aging plays a role. With age, you lose muscle – especially if you are a physically active person. Loss of muscle mass reduces the rate at which your body uses calories to maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, some men fat cells in the arms and legs lose their ability to accumulate fat, which leads to the fact that any excess fat in a man goes to the stomach.
Your genes may also affect your chances are overweight or obese, as well as play a role in where it will be stored excess fat.

Diarrhea and Weight Loss: Signs of Chronic Pancreatitis

Real world incidence of chronic pancreatitis is from 3 to 9, 100 cases per thousand population.

Diarrhea weight loss







Pancreas – organ of the digestive system. It is located behind the stomach and its ducts open into the duodenum. The main function of the pancreas – the production of enzymes that are involved in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Test: Do you find the pain in the right upper abdomen radiating to the back?What happens Chronic pancreatitis – a chronic inflammation of the pancreas, which is accompanied by a decrease in production digestive enzymes. The diagnosis of “chronic pancreatitis is placed when there is an almost complete destruction of the pancreas If the pancreas does not produce the enzymes, the proteins, fats and carbohydrates are not digested in the body, does not enter the blood and are ejected.. Diarrhea and weight loss – signs of chronic pancreatitis Frequent and diarrhea, which contains droplets of fat, and weight loss suggests chronic pancreatitis causes of chronic pancreatitis Gallstones can cause chronic pancreatitis. The gallbladder and pancreas share a common duct. at every meal there is a reduction of the gall bladder. If it is stone, it may get into the common duct, it stuck, disrupt the normal functioning of the pancreas, which leads to the first development of acute pancreatitis, and then – chronic.

Gallstones can cause acute pancreatitis!
It should be remembered that the condition of the gallbladder can determine the pancreas. Determine this will help ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. How to treat chronic pancreatitis 1. In chronic pancreatitis need to take pancreatic enzymes in special capsules. 2. People suffering from severe chronic pancreatitis suffer from severe and recurring pain in the upper abdomen. Remove the pain, you can use analgesics. If they do not help, then you need to consult a surgeon.

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