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Fresh summer herbs = killer culinary tool

One of my favourite things about spring and summer is planting my herb garden. Something says amazingly delicious when the simplest thing delivers flavour like no other.Although I love planting everythingtomatoes, peppers, green beans, zucchini, eggplant, kale and everything elsethose herbs just shine a little brighter.

Our Top Picks

Basil: Closely related to mint, basil has a floral flavor and aroma. There are two main types of basil: Sweet/Italian basil and Asian/Thai basils. Sweet basil pairs naturally with tomatoes, eggplant, and other Mediterranean cuisine, but is versatile and goes well with many dishes.  but it can be used with almost every type of meat or seafood. Asian basil has a more distinct flavor and is often used in curry  and stir fry.

Parsley: With a light peppery flavor, parsley goes well with many flavours. Its most often used for colour and freshness. There are two main varieties: flat-leaf or Italian parsley is best for texture and flavor. Curly parsley is best as a garnish.

Cilantro: Also called coriander, this herb has a bright, refreshing flavor. You love it or you hate it, but its a staple of Latin and Asian cooking, and a key in guacamole and Indian curry.

Oregano: This herb is primarily found in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines, it actually is often more flavorful as dried. It is also handy to have on hand, as it can be used as a substitute for marjoram..

Mint: Its cooling, peppery taste is great for savory dishes, especially summery salads and calming teas. Use it to garnish your favourite desserts, too.

Rosemary: This woody herb has a strong flavor, so use sparingly. Its a great complement to roasted potatoes, or used as flavor in soups and marinades.

Thyme: Delicious with a simple flavor, this herb can be used in nearly all types of cooking and all vegetables and meats. To use fresh thyme, run your fingers along the stem to remove the leaves, then chop well.

Dill: The fronds of the dill plant have a subtle, yet distinct taste, great with seafood and vegetables.  It perishes quickly, in about 3 days, so only cut what you need.

Handling and Storing

So after we plant them, how do we keep care of them? Some can be pre-washed, but others should wait until just before use. Large-leaved herbs such as basil and Italian parsley can be washed refrigerated in a plastic bag with a dry paper towel. To elongate their life, stand them on end in a glass of cold water, and cover with a plastic bag. Herbs such as parsley, mint, and cliantro can last up to two weeks this way.

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U.S. Campaign Aims to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

In a nationwide campaign to prevent prescription drug abuse, accidental poisonings and overdoses, a coalition of U.S. medical, drug and law enforcement agencies is calling on consumers to routinely dispose of any expired and unused medications.

To raise awareness of the problem, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the American College of Emergency Physicians, poison control centers and other coalition members are sponsoring an event on Nov. 13 called the “American Medicine Chest Challenge,” in which citizens purge their medicine cabinets of old prescription drugs and lock up the rest.

According to agencies involved in the campaign, regular clean-ups are crucial because 70 percent of people who abuse prescription pain relievers indicate they got them from friends or relatives, and the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that upwards of 9 million people use prescription medication for non-medical uses.

The NIDA also reports that seven of the top 11 drugs most commonly abused by high school seniors are either prescribed or bought over the counter.

“Prescriptions . . . can be very toxic if used in any way other than as prescribed,” Dr. Steven Marcus, executive and medical director of the New Jersey Poison Information & Education System (NJPIES), said in a news release from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. “Inadvertently, homes are havens for drug abuse due to the increasing number of controlled prescription medications on hand in the average home.”

When it comes to exposure to unused, expired or unnecessary drugs in the home, young children, teens and seniors are at the highest risk, NJPIES authorities said.

To minimize such dangers, they advised consumers to take an inventory of what’s in their medicine cabinets and clean them out often, particularly with regard to expired meds.

They also advised families to lock their medicine cabinet, never share prescription drugs, and discuss the dangers of prescription drug abuse with their children.

In September, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration sponsored its first “National Prescription Drug Take-Back” campaign, in which people could go to collection centers in states across the country to get rid of their stash of narcotics and other disposable prescription drugs anonymously.

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Life Lessons From A Boxer

Boxing is an amazing workout. Whether you simply hit the bag for 10 minutes a few times a week, do some kind of conditioning class in the gym which integrates punching or actually practice in a real boxing gym the workout is unrivalled. get a great conditioning workout. As well as this boxing is probably one of the best ways to improve your fitness as it is a natural form of interval training.

If you follow my blog you have probably heard me rant and rave about the greatest sport ever: boxing.  Some call it old-fashioned, others call it suicide.  I call it life.  Here are some life lessons I learned in the ring:

Lesson #1:  Practice right

The single most important bit of advice my boxing coach ever gave me was simple.   Thats it.  But somehow, my boxing abilities improved exponentially after he told me that.  Instead of doing my regular routine every Tuesday and Thursday and mindlessly whaling on the inanimate heavy bag, I began to visualize the bag as an opponent.  I went from a state of unconsciousness to consciousness.  I started imagining what my opponent might do, then I would work on countering it.

When it came time to actually spar with a real-life person I would be much more prepared.  Why?  Because I practiced for the real thing.  Because I visualized myself in a real-life scenario, my focus during practice was tenfold its normal strength and my practice sessions were much more intense (and fruitful).  Going through the motions isnt enough.  Practicing right means visualizing success, then consciously taking actions that will make it happen.

Lesson #2:  Practice often

Consistency is King. This applies to anything.  If I go one week without boxing, I fall behind.  If you want something to get done or change in your life, you have to take some sort of action consistently.  Rome wasnt built-in a day, and neither was my body.  I remember when I started working out.  I was the puny little kid that looked like a stick figure next to the other guys at the gym.  Ill never forget what one guy told me in that first year (I called him Action Figure at the time because thats exactly what he looked like).  I saw Action Figure coming up to me and I immediately put down my 15lb dumbbells to grab some 30s (even though I couldnt lift them). Unimpressed, Action Figure grabbed some 90s, pumped out a set, then looked at me. but I refrained.  Instead, I digested his words and applied them.  Almost ten years later, here I am telling you the same thing stick with it.

Lesson #3:  Practice hard

Normally, Im a pretty laid back person.  I rarely get into verbal jousts and only got in a fist fight once (technically more of a slap fight but well go with the former in sake of retaining my manhood).  When I hit the boxing gym, all this changes.  I go primal.  Its purely in the name self-preservation; if I dont I get pounded.  Thats why I practice HARD.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, Dont quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. – Muhammad Ali

You can practice often and practice right, but if you arent practicing hard you arent going to go far. You will see initial results, sure.  But what Im talking about are exponential results. Practicing hard is the difference between losing 10 pounds in a year or a month.  This is a pretty obvious point:  everyone knows if you work harder you get results faster.  What you may not realize, though, is how practice intensity acts like compound interest.  If you practice hard for two weeks, you may see a tiny improvement over if you had practiced at a medium intensity.  If you practice hard for a year, you are going to see a huge difference.  Want exponential results? Make every day count.


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Testing of Brothers May Boost Family’s Prostate Cancer Rates

Men who have a brother with prostate cancer are more likely than other men to be diagnosed with the disease, but the reason may have more to do with greater surveillance than genetics, a new study suggests.

Swedish researchers analyzed data from 22,511 brothers of 13,975 prostate cancer patients and found that the incidence of the disease was higher among brothers of prostate cancer patients than men of the same age in the general population. Disease incidence was highest among men who had two brothers with prostate cancer.

However, the study found that early-stage disease was the type most often diagnosed in brothers of prostate cancer patients. This stage of prostate cancer is typically detected through a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test and may or may not be clinically relevant, the study authors explained in the report published online Aug. 19 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

The researchers also found that the incidence of prostate cancer among brothers of prostate cancer patients was highest during the first year after the first brother’s diagnosis.

“The increased diagnostic activity among men with a family history of prostate cancer, which we observed, will inflate family history as a risk factor for prostate cancer in populations of men who commonly receive PSA testing,” concluded Dr. Ola Bratt, of the urology department at the Helsinborg Hospital in Sweden, and colleagues.

The study results could offer guidance to doctors, the authors suggested.

“When counseling men about their risk of hereditary predisposition to prostate cancer, one should consider the possibility that a familial aggregation of prostate cancer may be at least partially caused by increased diagnostic activity,” Bratt and colleagues wrote.

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Ew – Bedbugs


Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. I remember hearing this growing up and the thought of bed bugs seemed as old as my grandparents. But, if you’ve been listening to the news, you know that bedbugs are back.

There has been an outbreak of bedbugs in our country, but don’t panic. First of all, bedbugs won’t make you sick, they don’t transmit diseases, and if you have them, it doesn’t mean your home is dirty. They may or may not bit you, but basically are just annoying.

With that being said, why an outbreak now? Officials think it is because we are using fewer and fewer home pesticides. Also, the fact that we are so mobile means we are able to spread bedbugs easier.

If you plan to travel, you can check your hotel room for bedbugs. The adult bedbugs are brown and about the size of a lentil while the baby bedbugs are yellow and smaller. Look behind your bed board and in the mattress seams.

Even if you don’t see bedbugs at the hotel, play it safe and wash your clothing in hot water when you return. Use the hot cycle for drying clothes and vacuum your suitcases out just for good measure. If they’ve already gotten in your bed, try encasing the mattress in a plastic bag to suffocate them. Avoid using outside pesticides – if the problem is really bad, call a professional.

Finally, before you travel, check to see where outbreaks are occurring. If you think I am being a bit overcautious, know that both the Empire State Building and the Niketown store in New York City were infested, with Niketown being temporarily closed to treat the problem. I also read today that some barracks at Camp Lejeune (in Jacksonville, NC, where I live) are infested.

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Study: Medicare Part D reduces health care costs

A study by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Brigham and Women’s Hospital Latest from The Business Journals Avon businessmen fund medical researchOnce-hot Sequoia Pharmaceuticals slips from IPO buzz to empty office spaceNew study looks at waste from defensive medicine Follow this company has found that Medicare Part D, the federal program covering seniors’ medications for certain common conditions, has resulted in lower non-drug health care costs since the program went into effect in 2006.

The study, published in the July 27, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that the subsidies on drugs for seniors improved medication adherence, lowered out-of-pocket expenses for seniors, and also prevented costly complications for seniors with chronic health conditions.

Researchers used data from 2004 to 2007 to compare medical spending on nondrug health care before and after the implementation of Part D for 3,463 seniors who had limited drug coverage before 2006, versus 2,538 beneficiaries who already had generous drug coverage before 2006.

The study found that Medicare Part D reduced other health care spending by about 10 percent, or $1200, per patient, after 2006 for those seniors who had limited coverage prior drug coverage before Part D was approved. The study suggested that expensive inpatient care, including hospitalizations, was reduced, while lower-cost outpatient care was not, researchers said.

“These reductions in non-drug spending suggest Part D has not cost Medicare as much as initially expected,” said Harvard Medical School professor and study author Dr. J. Michael McWilliams, in a statement. “The way insurance benefits are designed, physicians are paid, …

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