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No hearts, no flowers, just love.

We at ecoki love our eco-friendly company friends, especially around the holidays when they are delivering green, planet-lovin’ options. This Valentine’s Day is no exception for our friends at LUSH, who have love-worthy bath fun in romantic and fun choices for that special someone!

The Frog Prince Bath Bomb

Throw this cute little character in a tub of warm water and marvel as he dissolves in front of your eyes to reveal your very own Prince Charming (a sticker of one of our charming compounders from the LUSH factory)!  And as you would expect from royalty, he has his own exquisite and sultry brand new fragrance – a majestic blend of jasmine, sandalwood, rose and neroli.

It’s Raining Men Shower Gel

Hallelujah!  A divine shower gel scented with our best-selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance. Shower with this luxurious honey and tropical flower gel and your skin will be left deliciously soft, scented like crème brulée and extremely lickable.

Love Birds Soap

Something for all those lovers out there, this gorgeous new soap is scented with beautiful aphrodisiac essential oils to make this Valentine’s Day extra special!  This sensual jasmine and vanilla fragranced soap leaves skin delicately scented while it softens and moisturizes.

Ex-Factor Bath Bomb

For all the Valentine-less folks, plan a date with this little guy to cheer you up! He dissolves in the warm water in a swirl of ylang ylang and vanilla to reveal a small pink candy heart.  The delectable mix of essential oils will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to meet someone else.

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar

Make some magic with this charming toadstool! Crumble this frothy strawberry and cream-scented wonder under running water for masses of yummy skin softening bubbles.

PS I Love You

Tell that special someone what you’ve been meaning to say for ages.  This cute little gift contains four romantic products wrapped up with lovely paper embossed with hearts and love birds.

Includes: Magic Mushroom bubble bar, Strawberry Feels massage bar (mini), Love Birds soap, It Started With a Kiss lip tint.

Be Mine

A sexy selection of six scrumptious treats that’s sure to secure the one you want this Valentine’s Day. Melt into a marshmallow bath and then seal the deal with a chocolate-scented massage. Packed up in a reusable box, they will always remember just how much you love them!

Includes: Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt, It’s Raining Men shower gel, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Soft Coeur massage bar, Lust solid perfume.

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UA gets $12M from NIH to study aging

The University of Arizona has won an $11.8 million contract from the National Institutes of Health to study declining immunity among the aging.

The UA Department of Immunobiology and the Arizona Center on Aging won the five-year contract from NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for its “Protective Immunity in Special Populations” study.

As people grow older, their immune systems also age, leading to a gradual decline in the body’s ability to fight infections.

UA will collaborate with other research centers, including the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida and the Washington University College of Medicine in St. Louis.

Scientists will address obesity, inflammation, osteoporosis, infectious diseases, diabetes, cancer, dementia and sarcopenia, which is muscle loss associated with aging.

Older adults interested in participating in research studies at the Arizona Center on Aging may call one of the study coordinators at 800-637-4943 or 520-626-4430.

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The Power Of Setting Goals

First, you must choose a goal before you can achieve it, and second, the more difficult and dangerous your goals is, the more effort you must put into achieving it.  All achievement starts with goals, and Musashi emphasized that you should be ambitious in setting them. — Samurai Strategies

One must edge forward like the inchworm, bit by bit.  The gods and Buddhas, too, first started with a vow. — Hagakure.

I figured in my introductory piece to Zen to Fitness, I would share with you the most important lesson Ive learned in over ten years as a physique athlete and coach.  Ready?

Nate Miyaki is the coolest dude on the planet.  Nah, just kidding.  To be completely honest, I know people who are way cooler than me.

The real lesson is this those who set specific, short-term goals are the ones who get the most out of their health & fitness efforts.  And I dont care if that goal is as meaningful as improving biomarkers of health in order to save your life or as meaningless as getting a six-pack so you can stare at yourself in the mirror ten times a day (my personal favorite).  Be honest with yourself, whatever truly motivates you at that time is what works.  Dont worry about how anyone else may perceive your personal goals.

Setting goals is a powerful tool that can be used in almost every aspect of our lives — self-improvement, career advancement, educational development, athletic achievement, communication, financial control, and of course most importantly for us looking good in the neighborhood.  Those who have never used goals for guidance or motivation tend to write them off as self-help nonsense.  Those who have experienced their power set and monitor goals on a regular basis to maximize their true potential.

All achievement starts with goals. You have to know where you want to go first before you have a chance of reaching that destination.  Setting goals helps us block out life’s distractions and narrow our focus to a specific task at hand.  It helps us set priorities in our lives.  It gives us the power to tap into our energies and abilities and use them to maximum effect.

Goals provide us with specific reasons for performing our daily actions. Without goals we often wonder from moment to moment, task to task without a purpose.  We end up spinning our wheels, stuck in the same spot as years past, with no real accomplishments to show for it.  Actively striving to achieve our goals propels us forward and up to new heights.


Although these days I am most interested in fat loss, physique development, natural bodybuilding, body composition transformations, cosmetic enhancement, or whatever else you want to call it, I come from a performance sports background.   One of the major differences I see among these demographics is that most people interested in changing their physiques treat the process more like a hobby than a true athletic endeavor.  And this is their downfall.

Real sport performance athletes and coaches understand the power of goal setting.  In the off-season or at the start of the season, players and teams set specific goals for the upcoming year.  They then set a specific plan of action to achieve those goals.  They begin with the small immediate steps right in front of them, have those steps build upon each other, and then start making exponentially bigger and bigger strides until the ultimate goal is accomplished.

Football is a great example. The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl, but that starts with a simple commitment to off-season workouts and conditioning programs.  Then come productive training camps and preseason games.  Then the goal is to win in week 1, and each successive week that follows.  As the season progresses the stakes rise — its win the division, secure home field advantage, win the divisional round, win the conference championship, and finally, win the big dance.

Ambitious goals motivate athletes to work hard and push through the rigors of training.  It helps them to work through the daily grind of the long, competitive season.   It gives them a reason to make the sacrifices necessary to reach the top of the mountain.  Physique enthusiasts need to borrow from this realm if they expect to finally achieve body composition transformations results in the real world.

You need a reason to NOT eat that chocolate chip cookie that is seductively staring you in the face, a reason to hit your workout even when you are feeling tired and unmotivated or when work is crazy, a reason to push out a few more reps even though it burns, etc.  An immediate short-term goal provides you with that motivation.  A vague, I want to get in shape idea or fantasy does not.


1. Set your goal so you can narrow your focus to a specific task at hand.

2. Write it down. Thats the first step in taking it out of the world of meaningless words and putting it into the world of meaningful action.

3. Place your goal somewhere you can see it every day. This will remind you what you are striving for.  Unless your goal is to eat as many pints of ice cream as you can, put that crap back in the freezer for now.

4. Set a concrete timeline so you dont keep putting things off or starting over again tomorrow.  The Way of the Warrior is in immediacy.

5. Tell at least one other person about your goals so they can help hold you accountable.


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Is eating local helping the environment?

Weve heard it over and over: eating local is good for the environment. Less travel, less toxins, supporting our farmers. It cant get better than that right?

David Cleveland, a professor of environmental studies at UC Santa Barbara, felt that his Santa Barbara County could implement the local food system and really help some of the issues at hand.

A recent article from ScienceDaily outlined how Cleveland and his students launched a comprehensive study of just how localized the agrifood system for fruits and vegetables is in Santa Barbara County. And in turn, they wanted to determine the effects of this localization of the food system on greenhouse gas emissions and nutrition.

It seems like a good place to do itSanta Barbara County ranks in the top 1 percent of counties in the United States in value of agricultural products, with 80 percent in produce.

The results of their research, conducted in 2009-10, were published in a recent copy of the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

The team found that more than 99 percent of the produce grown locally is exported, and more than 95 percent of the produce consumed is imported. The study also found that if all of the produce that they consumed was grown locally, it would lower greenhouse gas emissions less than 1 percent of total agrifood system emissions. Even more, there would be no effect on nutrition.

Additional research has shown that the transportation doesnt cause as much greenhouse gasses compared to other parts of the agrifood life cycle. Thus, localization doesnt necessarily make for better produce and food nutritionally and environmentally.

However, that doesnt mean that its not good at all. Supporting the local farmers is a key step for building community, if nothing else at all.

The team also wants to explore to what extent local farmers depend on imported labour.

Cleveland and his students will be hosting a workshop discussing their food system, looking at localization as a strategy to eventually bring it toward reducing greenhouse gasses, ensuring locals can enjoy local food, increasing their nutrition, and, of course, bringing together the community and strengthening the local economy.




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How to Look for the Best Retirement Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

Although searching for the best assisted living community for seniors is not the easiest thing to do, you can actually make the process of looking for one a lot easier and more efficient by reviewing and comparing retirement home communities based on several factors. These factors may include the level of supervision and assistance they are able to provide, the residential options that are available in their facility and the services and amenities that they offer to residents.

It could also help you to look for the best assisted living facility if you would be doing plenty of research about how assisted living facilities work. By understanding how assisted living facilities cater to the needs of their residents and how they differ, it would be easier for you to determine which among your options would be the best one for your needs or the needs of your loved one who would be staying in the facility.

You can also take advantage of the internet and the resources that are available online when looking for retirement homes and assisted living facilities. By going online, you can look for listings and directories of facilities which offer various residential options for seniors. You can also visit the websites of the facilities that you are most interested in to get information about the services and amenities that they have as well as about their monthly fees.

Aside from using the internet, you can also try to ask for recommendations from friends who have elderly relatives who are staying in assisted living homes. Make sure to ask them about the personal experiences that their relatives have had with the facility that they are in so you can get a better picture of how the lifestyle is in the facilities that you are considering.

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The common problem of insomnia

Insomnia is an irregular arousal, difficulty sleeping or sleep of poor quality. This problem might cause during the day, as the lack of energy, fatigue, irritability and difficulty of concentrating. A certain level of this problem is known by everyone. Sometimes you are just not able to fall asleep, because of the changes in sleep patterns or the excitement of the next day. In this case you can use nytol. A symptom of insomnia may be the syndrome of night time eating.

The classifications of insomnia include chronic, intermittent and transient types. The short-term insomnia is transient insomnia, which lasts from night to several weeks. Insomnia which occurs on and off is intermittent insomnia. Chronic insomnia lasts always.

Mention that different things can be a cause of the insomnia. People who suffer from stress, unusual temperatures, changes in their life, environmental noise can be caused by the intermittent and transient insomnia. The cause of chronic insomnia is more confused than other causes of insomnia. It follows from the wide range of of factors, including mental or physical underlying. Chronic insomnia is often caused by depression.

Other substances or drugs can also cause insomnia such as tobacco, caffeine, stimulants, alcohol, nicotine, sedatives, certain allergy, theophylline and drugs against the common cold. The main causes of insomnia are some medical or emotional conditions. The cure includes not only drugs, but even changes in life and habitat of sleep for long-term results. To manage insomnia, it is important to assess the habitat of sleep. Sometimes changing the sleep schedule could resolve the problem without drugs, because some biological changes, as changes in their work schedule, emotional distress, such as relationship break, continuous stress and gastrointestinal infections may cause chronic or intermittent insomnia.

The over-the-counter drugs such as nytol are recommended only for transient insomnia. The prescription drugs should be used with a combination of changes in habitats sleeping and only for a short duration.

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Cancer on the Rise in Developing Countries: Report

FRIDAY, Feb. 4 To mark World Cancer Day, the American Cancer Society issued a new report Friday warning that changing lifestyles linked to economic growth in developing countries are driving up the global incidence of several cancers.

In fact, the majority of the world’s new cancer cases and deaths (7.1 million and 4.8 million, respectively) are now occurring in economically developing countries, the authors of the report noted. And this, they say, reflects the growing adoption of unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, sedentary lifestyles and poor diets that typically accompany economic development.

The report, “Global Cancer Facts & Figures,” highlights lung, breast and colorectal cancers as being particularly vulnerable to this dynamic.

Along those lines, about one-third of all cancer deaths that occurred worldwide in 2008 (equal to roughly 7,300 deaths per day) might have been avoided by focusing on preventable risk factors such as smoking, drinking, infection patterns and dietary habits, American Cancer Society chief medical officer Dr. Otis W. Brawley suggested in an editorial accompanying the report.

“The worldwide application of existing cancer control knowledge according to the capacity and economic development of countries or regions could lead to the prevention of even more cancer deaths in the next two to three decades,” he stated in a news release from the society.

“In order to achieve this, however, national and international public health agencies, governments, donors, and the private sectors must play major roles in the development and implementation of national or regional cancer control programs worldwide,” he added.

The full American Cancer Society analysis is slated to be published, along with Brawley’s editorial, in the Feb. 4 edition of CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

The authors of the report noted that as stark as global disease figures already were in 2008 (12.7 million new cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths), those numbers are expected to almost double by 2030 as the world’s population both grows and ages.

In economically developed nations, as of 2008, prostate, lung and colorectal cancers are the most prevalent among men, while breast, colorectal and lung cancers are the most common among women.

By contrast, in developing countries, the biggest risk for men appears to be lung, stomach and liver cancers, with breast, cervical and lung cancers the primary cancer threats for women.

The authors also noted that while just 10 percent of all cancers in the economically developed world are a function of infection, that figure rises to one-quarter of all cancers in the economically developing world.

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