Basic Exercises After Pregnancy

Weight loss and fitness standards to require patience, time and discipline; if you speed up the process may have other health problems. To return to the previous form may require 6-12 weeks of classes, sometimes longer, so do not give up!Exercises After Pregnancy







With the right approach, starting from 24-48 hours after birth, you can avoid many problems, and start to rebuild your body.Always consult your doctor before starting training, as all mothers and their health is different. Restrictions may apply to you, so do not do the exercises immediately . Begin to engage only if your doctor agrees, and always remember that patience and time to help – so do not be discouraged!
Stomach after childbirth removed only by special exercises for the lateral muscles and respiratory training , limit the food will not help reduce cross-stretched muscles and strengthen direct abdominal muscle.
Learning the art of breathing
After delivery, the skin and muscles tend to become loose and jelly and have not neuromuscular awareness of how to work properly. That is why it is important to use breathing techniques to return the abdominal wall to its former state. When you breathe, your chest and abdomen should expand when you breathe out, the chest and abdominal wall is reduced. This is a very important moment in the training. Abdominal muscles should be reduced before they can be strengthened. Breaths, abdominal muscles contract and become stronger with each exhalation.
Learn basic diaphragmatic breathing . Lie on the floor on your back and pull your stomach inward with all his strength, tightening the abdominal wall to the spine. Then inhale slowly through your nose, directing the air into the chest and hold your abdominal muscles in this position, hold your breath for 10-12 seconds and repeat 10-20 times. This breathing exercise will make you feel elegant and confident, and you will be able to breathe deeply and fully.

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