Basic Principles You Should Keep in Mind When Performing Pilates Exercises

Concentration is essential for the implementation of the exercise. It is important that every part of your body moving in the right position. Also, when you focus your mind away from any pressing problems or worries and relaxes deeply on your body. Constant focus on each movement is not required.
2 Breathing :
The way you breathe is vital in the method of Pilates. The Pilates exercise, you exhale with force. This will help you relax in the movement. If you breathe for the body to get enough oxygen to do the exercise, you need to breathe effectively. In order to keep the lower abdominals close to the spine, breathing should be directed to the side, in the lower chest. Moving on the exhalation will enable greater stability at the main most difficult part of the exercise, and prevents breath holding (Valsalva).

3 “Belt force” :

Belt force

It includes three main directions – back, abdomen and buttocks. The upper part of the back can be a major hotbed of tension, but when you learn how to move (from the middle of the back, and not the shoulder), this tension disappears. Almost every Pilates exercise starts with drawing the navel gently towards the spine. It also strengthens the abdominal muscles, returns a flat stomach, and back protection from undue stress during exercise. The third element in this belt forces are the gluteal muscles. Squeezing the muscles during these exercises, you will not only result in muscle tone, you will also lead the body into perfect alignment, posture improvement and protect the back from injury and damage.
4 Smooth motion :

Pilates is not based on a sudden,Smooth motion sharp movements.Exercises are performed slowly and naturally. The rhythm and tempo is coordinated with the breath of his own, and it warms the muscles and stretches them. Slow execution gives you the time to understand every part of your body and perform all the exercises with precision.

Relaxation 5 : RelaxationIt is an important element of the method at any time, but especially during pregnancy. Relaxation during and after pregnancy – to help reduce and eliminate the most common sources of tension in the body, slows breathing and focusing the mind. Relaxation exercises at the end of training is also important. We often crowded feeling of fatigue. This final exercise will help restore energy levels and, importantly, will the mind in a calm state.

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