How to Lose Weight in a Week: Tips for Health

Many women dream of parting with excess weight as soon as possible and wondering – how to lose weight in a week? Wait ultrafast results for such period is not necessary, but at 1-3 kg without harm to health to lose weight is quite real.

Hudey wisely
Trying to dramatically lose weight in a week for 5-10 kilos is not only senseless, but also harmful. Because adipose tissue is broken down slowly. If you try to speed up this process, you can lose muscle mass and overall health.

Loss weight in week
Quickly losing weight, you risk just as quickly dial kilos again.Nutritionists recommend gradually lose weight and not more than 3 kg per week. How many extra kilos you reset, depending on the individual characteristics of your body.
The list of forbidden foods
To lose weight in a week, you need to completely abandon this period of products that prevent weight loss.
So, in the “black list” of fall products that have artificial fats and white flour. Therefore, it is – white bread, pastries, cookies, cakes and fast food.
Also have to give up half-finished products – sausages, sausages, dumplings, etc.
It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt.Sweetening tea can be honey, salt and add quite a bit better and the sea.
It is also necessary to limit in the diet of coffee and alcohol, ketchup and mayonnaise, and besides – cream and cheese.
Products for weight loss for the week
To get rid of the extra kilos, you need to eat 6-7 times a day in small portions. They should be about 200 grams, about as much as fits on the palm. Positive supply such that it accelerates the metabolism, calories and does not settle to the waist and thighs.

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