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I think you have seen and what is now a great many suggestions about weight loss can be easily found on the Internet.

Although the look and do not need to – the proposals themselves will find you!

Every day we are faced with intrusive advertising banners that say that you drop, for example, 15 kilograms in just one week … and all that for this you will have to view the miracle of video, which can itself for you all to do … maybe It offers not only has some 2 product and a miracle will happen again by itself …

Of course we are quite sensible people, and such offers may only make us smile, and maybe even the thought that there are people who believe in fairy tales so.

But the problem is also the fact that there are also very common, but less obvious error.

These errors most often occur at the thought that it is easy to lose weight with the help of strict diets and exhausting exercise, but if so, why there are people who are constantly hungry and train like an athlete – all to no avail, or on time.

And besides, how could come from those who eat everything on svete- and hamburgers, and chips, and cakes, are not engaged in sports, is that they are playing on your computer football, and despite all this are beautiful, thin and slender?

And where is justice ….?!

But anatomy and physiology – this is not mathematics, so weight loss can not simply be reduced to a simple counting calories.

Igor Tsalenchuk, has long studied the mechanism of accumulation of fat amazing, and I managed to lose 38 kg , in addition, I also have been able to help tens of thousands of people to become slim and happy forever.

I wish more people could use my holistic approach to weight loss.

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