Losing Weight in a Couple of Days

Universal weight loss plan is quite simple! It is necessary to increase the amount of protein foods in a diet – lean on eggs, meat, fish, cheese and dairy products. From bread, sugar and refined carbohydrates should be abandoned. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. But there is another important point …

Losing weight in a couple

For losing weight was easy and did not bring any harm to the body, the body must be fully cleaned of toxins.This should work well gut!
To improve intestinal motility and accelerate weight loss will help the rich in fiber cocktail.Drink it every morning for breakfast, and after a few days you will notice how much better was the feeling! Such drinks for weight loss – treasure, I advise you to remember the recipe …
Cocktail weight loss at home
• 1 tbsp. low-fat yogurt
• 2 tbsp. l. bran (can substitute oatmeal, milled in a blender)
• 1 tbsp. l. flax meal (you can grind in a blender flax seeds)
• 1 h. L. cocoa powder
• 6-7 pcs. prunes
• pinch of cinnamon
• 50 ml of hot water
1. Pour boiling water over prunes and leave to swell for a few minutes.
2. Mix chilled yogurt with bran or oatmeal, flax flour, cinnamon, and cocoa powder.
3. Chop the prunes with the help of the blender into a homogeneous mass. To cocktail was sweeter to prunes, you can add 1 date.
4. Unite dried fruit with yogurt, stir. The cocktail is ready!
It would seem that such a simple recipe! But what a great benefit it brings to the body … With regular consumption of prunes normalizes bowel due to the high content of fiber, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium in each dried fruit.
The amazing discovery: prunes helps reduce appetite and cravings for sweets, in it there are ash and sorbitol, have the ability to remove toxins! If you follow our guidelines and shalt bring the prunes in your daily diet, weight loss will happen naturally.

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