We at ecoki love our eco-friendly company friends, especially around the holidays when they are delivering green, planet-lovin’ options. This Valentine’s Day is no exception for our friends at LUSH, who have love-worthy bath fun in romantic and fun choices for that special someone!

The Frog Prince Bath Bomb

Throw this cute little character in a tub of warm water and marvel as he dissolves in front of your eyes to reveal your very own Prince Charming (a sticker of one of our charming compounders from the LUSH factory)!  And as you would expect from royalty, he has his own exquisite and sultry brand new fragrance – a majestic blend of jasmine, sandalwood, rose and neroli.

It’s Raining Men Shower Gel

Hallelujah!  A divine shower gel scented with our best-selling Honey I Washed the Kids fragrance. Shower with this luxurious honey and tropical flower gel and your skin will be left deliciously soft, scented like crème brulée and extremely lickable.

Love Birds Soap

Something for all those lovers out there, this gorgeous new soap is scented with beautiful aphrodisiac essential oils to make this Valentine’s Day extra special!  This sensual jasmine and vanilla fragranced soap leaves skin delicately scented while it softens and moisturizes.

Ex-Factor Bath Bomb

For all the Valentine-less folks, plan a date with this little guy to cheer you up! He dissolves in the warm water in a swirl of ylang ylang and vanilla to reveal a small pink candy heart.  The delectable mix of essential oils will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to meet someone else.

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar

Make some magic with this charming toadstool! Crumble this frothy strawberry and cream-scented wonder under running water for masses of yummy skin softening bubbles.

PS I Love You

Tell that special someone what you’ve been meaning to say for ages.  This cute little gift contains four romantic products wrapped up with lovely paper embossed with hearts and love birds.

Includes: Magic Mushroom bubble bar, Strawberry Feels massage bar (mini), Love Birds soap, It Started With a Kiss lip tint.

Be Mine

A sexy selection of six scrumptious treats that’s sure to secure the one you want this Valentine’s Day. Melt into a marshmallow bath and then seal the deal with a chocolate-scented massage. Packed up in a reusable box, they will always remember just how much you love them!

Includes: Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt, It’s Raining Men shower gel, Sex Bomb bath bomb, Sugar Babe sugar scrub, Soft Coeur massage bar, Lust solid perfume.

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