Pilates Exercies for Beginners

Pilates is one of the most popular forms of fitness.Pilates exercises can be performed by people of different ages and different physical fitness.
Pilates exercises depend on a number of specific body movements that pull, strengthens, and working on different muscle groups of the body. It is well-defined, controlled movements, combined with yoga for concentration of mental focus. Pilates exercises are gentle, progressive and performed slowly with good posture.

PILATES Exercies
Pilates can be performed with equipment or without equipment for this type of exercise. Tension springs, straps for the feet or hands, supports for back, neck and plech- here is a small list of equipment.
Important advantages of Pilates:
Regular use of Pilates is a successful tool for the prevention of recurrent episodic pain. Recent studies in the physiotherapy department at the University of Queensland Richardson showed that by increasing the coordination and strength in the deep abdominal muscles, the lumbar spine is stabilized and protected from damage.
Those who practice Pilates regularly feel an increase in the overall strength and flexibility of the body, improves posture, balance, coordination of movements and increased vital capacity of the lungs and air circulation through deep, healthy breathing
The density of the bones and joints improves and many experience a positive change in the body for the first time.

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