Insomnia is an irregular arousal, difficulty sleeping or sleep of poor quality. This problem might cause during the day, as the lack of energy, fatigue, irritability and difficulty of concentrating. A certain level of this problem is known by everyone. Sometimes you are just not able to fall asleep, because of the changes in sleep patterns or the excitement of the next day. In this case you can use nytol. A symptom of insomnia may be the syndrome of night time eating.

The classifications of insomnia include chronic, intermittent and transient types. The short-term insomnia is transient insomnia, which lasts from night to several weeks. Insomnia which occurs on and off is intermittent insomnia. Chronic insomnia lasts always.

Mention that different things can be a cause of the insomnia. People who suffer from stress, unusual temperatures, changes in their life, environmental noise can be caused by the intermittent and transient insomnia. The cause of chronic insomnia is more confused than other causes of insomnia. It follows from the wide range of of factors, including mental or physical underlying. Chronic insomnia is often caused by depression.

Other substances or drugs can also cause insomnia such as tobacco, caffeine, stimulants, alcohol, nicotine, sedatives, certain allergy, theophylline and drugs against the common cold. The main causes of insomnia are some medical or emotional conditions. The cure includes not only drugs, but even changes in life and habitat of sleep for long-term results. To manage insomnia, it is important to assess the habitat of sleep. Sometimes changing the sleep schedule could resolve the problem without drugs, because some biological changes, as changes in their work schedule, emotional distress, such as relationship break, continuous stress and gastrointestinal infections may cause chronic or intermittent insomnia.

The over-the-counter drugs such as nytol are recommended only for transient insomnia. The prescription drugs should be used with a combination of changes in habitats sleeping and only for a short duration.

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