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For those who want to have a slim figure there are many miracle diets.

And each of them says the same thing: less fat less general in all In theory, we are all strong, often do know that you can eat and what is not necessary, but in practice things are quite different. And sooner or later, yet there comes restrictions, get up before a choice: give up on the diet and go on about their appetite or suffer further for the sake of their beauty.
Those who are consistent and steadfast, come out winners and become experts in the field of weight loss, and share helpful tips how to lose weight, techniques, Techniques in the fight against temptations which are subjected to sitting at a table laden with a variety of goodies. For table usually sit down to eat delicious.Tips losing weight

We offer you the advice of experts and dietitians for weight loss

I. It is necessary to change habits

1. Accept the decision for yourself – eat just sitting. We eat much more if a snack on the go, standing on the street, in a hurry.
2. Put a plate on always a little less than usual, and adhere to strict rules: content with what is already on the plate, and never can report, even if it is a favorite dish.
3. In the grocery store go only on a full stomach, because a hungry man buys far more than it needs, and well-fed is much easier to resist the temptation to buy something tasty.
4. Going for products in advance and draw up a list of no more than this do not buy.
5. On a walk it is best to go out after breakfast, lunch or dinner, becausecalories burned in this case more than fasting.
6. Pre-prepare yourself for a second breakfast or lunch: low-fat milk, a small cheese sandwich, a piece of chicken with lettuce leaf, a handful of prunes. It is very important to have something prepared in advance, so as not to be tempted to eat horrible.
7. During the meal, do not read books and newspapers and do not watch TV. Eat with taste, concentrating on the food. Following the ups and downs of the movie, or reading an interesting book, you can eat a lot more than it should.
8. Cooking should only once. If, however, to save time necessary to prepare more, then set aside on a plate as long as necessary, and the rest immediately in the refrigerator clean.
9. More than two dishes at a meal, you should not have. Changing the dishes, even if in small quantities, stimulate appetite. Spicy seasonings, adding piquancy, and increase appetite.
10. If possible, share lunch and dinner on two stages. Vegetables, rice, or pasta with meat dish eat at once, and a piece of cheese or fruit after two hours.
11. Eat each piece as if eating a delicacy, biting off small pieces and savoring, delaying a little longer in the mouth. So you shall be filled by eating much less.
12. The number of calories should be harmonized with the rhythm of your day. In the morning, before work, you can give yourself an indulgence and a little more to eat, at lunch a few limit yourself and dinner should be very easy, especially if it comes at a time just before bedtime.
13. If it so happened that the day before you have eaten too much, then the next day, try to limit yourself, you can afford a vegetable soup without salt, herbal drink instead of tea, low-fat cottage cheese or milk, and that’s all!

II. deceptions hunger
14. If you are used to gnaw nuts or cookies, sitting in front of the TV, and grow out of this difficult, try to replace them with green salad.
15. Before you go to visit, where you will find a great temptation, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt.
16. Instead of juice is best to eat the whole fruit, because the body needs fruit fiber, from it not fattening.
17. To begin with lunch is best dish of chicken or vegetable broth. This low-calorie soup, filling the stomach, allows to eat much less.
18. If you like sweet, you can afford to 1-2 piece of dark chocolate.
19. If possible, try to keep only the “right” foods in your refrigerator: milk, cottage cheese and yogurt with low fat, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc.
20. The classic garnishes replace beets, carrots, root celery, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.

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