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If you are too busy to go to the gym 5-6 times a week, or you feel that your body is trained and you need a refreshing change, total body workout that you need.
First, you’ll wonder what will never be able to work the whole body in a single workout . Eventually most people are so used to perform exercises 4-5 on a certain part of the body, about 12-20 exercises the whole body, they may not represent the correct instruction with smaller number of exercises.
Total body workout focuses on basic and multi-joint movements. These exercises will not only stimulate the elaboration of all muscle groups, but also promotes the development of the necessary hormones and build muscle. In addition, work all major muscle groups in one workout will have a synergistic effect on the response of your body to train. In short, your body needs to respond well to this type of training, especially if it is radically different from what you did before.
These exercises work because they stimulate the growth of muscle. This is something that in the good old times, has always been the center of attention.
Step by step exercise workout from head to toe
Exercise for Breast
The process to develop the core muscles of the chest, with a focus on the outer part of the breast. You will most likely have to use a lighter weight, and you have to care about lowering the hands down, not to touch the shoulders or lose control of the weight.
Lie on the floor or bench. Keep the weight on the chest, palms facing each other.
Keeping elbows slightly bent, lower the arms to the side and down, until they are flush with the feeding.
Lock elbow in position to prevent weight loss.
Push your chest spreading his hands back as if you are hugging a tree.
Repeat from 1 to 3 sets of 8 – 16 repetitions


Get on your knees along the side of the bench, put one knee and one hand on the bench. The other leg, pull back a little to the side. Take a dumbbell from the floor.
Raise the dumbbell up and move to the side until the hand does not come into contact with the ribs or shoulder not only the horizontal line. Return back, arm and shoulder is not a direct one. Repeat and continue with the opposite hand.

Exercise for Curls
Study triceps
Lie down on the bench, take the weight and secure partner for insurance.
Grasp the barbell with an overhand grip, hands should be 2-8 cm apart.
Hands are fixed directly above the chest, right in front of the chin.
While the shoulders remain fixed squeeze the bar until you reach the forehead.
Elbows should continue to be geared up for the entire movement. Exhale during the bench press and inhale when the bar is omitted.

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